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The Young Pretenders by Edith Henrietta Fowler
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Remove From Wishlist Cancel. Valancourt Books is thrilled to announce a new U. Valancourt will also be reprinting Storey's brilliant Pasmore , shortlisted for that year's Booker Prize, and his Radcliffe , in a 50th anniversary edition. It has no false notes, no heaviness of emphasis, no editorial manipulations of plot to prove a point.

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One becomes so totally involved in the lives of these people that their every word and action becomes charged with meaning. Reminiscent of a nineteenth-century classic. It is alive with light and a kind of perpetual motion. It was worth the ten years it took to write for the result of this industry is a clarity of style and a purity of design. An epic narrative, crowded, naturalistic, and riveting. Also forthcoming is Barry England's classic thriller Figures in a Landscape , shortlisted for the inaugural Booker Prize and long out of print.

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The novel tells the story of two prisoners who escape in an unspecified country and flee the pursuit of a black helicopter. The Daily Mail said it 'achieves a tension that is almost unbearable.

The great British novelist and short story writer Somerset Maugham began this award in ; it is awarded each year to the writer under the age of 35 of the best book of the past year. Valancourt Books is proud to be issuing several Somerset Maugham Winners, including the following:. I strongly recommend this book. This author is a genuine novelist whose future work is of importance to the life of the English novel.

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The Story of Henrietta (Valancourt Classics) [Charlotte Smith, Janina Nordius] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Originally published as the. Booktopia has The Story of Henrietta, Valancourt Classics by Charlotte Smith. Buy a discounted Paperback of The Story of Henrietta online.

Prince's career as a novelist. With a new introduction by the author.